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Swatch in 1986



In January, Swatch accompanies the French composer of contemporary classical music, conductor, and pianist Pierre Boulez on his concert tour in the United States.
From January to November, Swatch and London’s Royal College of Art (UK) cooperate on a “Time and Motion” project.
From April to October, a Giant Swatch lends its unmistakable face to the Swiss pavilion at Expo 1986 in Vancouver, Canada.
In June, the Quai St-Bernard in Paris (France) is the showplace for the fourth Swatch Street Painting Performance.
From July to November, the very first public exhibition of a complete collection of Swatch watches is held at the Museum of watchmaking and enamel work in Geneva, Switzerland.
125 Swatch watches are sold at the fund-raising auction by Sotheby’s in Geneva (Switzerland), to benefit the Red Cross Organisation.
Swatch goes aloft at Japan’s Balloon Festival in Hamishiroro Mokkaido (Japan).
Launch of the Maxi Swatch (2.1 meters tall) and POP Swatch. The general idea for the POP Swatch is that people can use these watches anywhere they want. The popping mechanism makes it possible for people to wear the watch on their clothes or on their wrist — or even put it on the fridge.



The work of American artist Keith Haring is some of the most instantly recognizable work of his era, featuring graphic, cartoon-like fi gures and poppy colours. Haring was involved in the streets-based art world that sprang up outside the gallery system in New York in the 1980s. His art fl ourished in the downtown streets and subways, where he claimed unused advertising panels and public spaces to create large-scale drawings and murals. Haring’s iconic work earned him international recognition, and continues to be featured in group and solo shows worldwide.

Each of these Keith Haring watches snaps, crackles, and pops with the energy of 1980s New York. With irresistible designs and unexpected juxtapositions of colour – turquoise with avocado, apricot with bubblegum – they pulse to the rhythm of the streets. As exciting, original, and authentic as street-corner breakdancers, subway murals, and alley graffiti, these works attract attention like the best of street fashion. Haring’s iconic work captured the hearts of high and low art afi cionados alike, and this famous series captures the essence of his style : Modele Avec Personnages (GZ100), serpent (GZ102), Milles Pattes (GZ103) and Blanc sur noir (GZ104).



Through its partnership with the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup, Swatch is co-sponsor of the fi rst ever-held FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships taking place in Tignes (France) from February 1-8. The competition consists of both Men’s and Women’s events in moguls, aerials, ballets and combined (which consist of all 3 disciplines).

In addition to Freestyle skiing, Swatch supports the Snowboarding World Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado (USA). In 1986, The World’s”, as it has become known at that time, gets some of the most national recognition.

In an ongoing support of freestyle skiing, Swatch organizes the fi rst International Freestyle Training Camp for junior athletes. 22 upcoming and emerging freestyle athletes from 12 nations gather in Zermatt (SUI) for 1 week under the supervision of two athletes sponsored by Swatch.


Product Line

Pop Swatch
The splashy, very stylish Swatch was a huge hit and helped to make Swatch known everywhere.
Most POPular feature : the watchhead pops out of its circular frame and can be worn on jeans, a jacket, a cap, a tie… or any other part of one’s outfit !

Maxi Swatch
2.10 m long and 10 times as big as a Gent, the Maxi was developed as a wall clock.