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Swatch in 1988



In September, 5⁄50 Biel – Swatch celebrates its fifth anniversary and the manufacture of ist 50-millionth Swatch ; Swatch Newseum opens in Biel, Switzerland and the now legendary watch set, La Puff, comprised of six models, is launched.
Sponsored by Swatch, the Arabian rock group “Amazulu” Concert picks its way through the United Arab Emirates.
In February, “Balloon Spectacular” takes Swatch sky-high in Australia.
From May – September, United States tour of the Swatch Museum of Unnatural History and Dr. Swatch. Launch of the now famous Foundation Maeght set - with Pol Bury, Valerio Adami, Pierre Alechinsky.



Puff : Created in 1988 for the 5th anniversary of Swatch, the Swatch Puff (GZ002–GZ007) is one of the most sumptuous, lavish, and at the same time, radical designs in the history of the company. Full of breath and air, responsive to stimuli of movement and breeze, each one of these unexpectedly avian, dainty creations features a different shade of angora fur, which is attached to the watch with a ring. At once luxuriant and no-nonsense, these delicate cream-puff watches are paradoxically, classically down-to-earth, glowing with a certain, unassailable, very Swatch je-ne-sais-quoi.

Valerio Adami is an Italian painter whose bold, contextual work is influenced by Pop Art. He addresses politics as well as subject matter taken from modern European history, literature, philosophy, and mythology. His work has been featured in retrospectives and exhibitions across Europe, and a considerable collection of his art exists in private galleries. Adami also has several large-scale works on display in public spaces. His paintings are referenced as cultural texts in the works of critics, writers and philosophers. Two line-drawn figures join lips in the inky centre of this Swatch Art Special. Valerio Adami’s Deux Amoreux (GZ111), with their profiles sketched in white, could be silhouettes, lit by moonlight as they kiss in the dark. Romantic and expressive, this elegant black and white watch is irrepressibly immediate. It vibrates with the energy of the artist, from his lively, active lines to his signature, which lies scribbled across the length of the black plastic strap. White hour and minute hands point out the time around the passionate, gestural scene, a gentle reminder that life is short. An evocative and deeply felt piece of work.

Pierre Alechinsky is a Belgian painter and printmaker known for having co-founded the European expressionist group, “CoBrA”. His distinctive style is characterised by simple forms and vivid strokes of colour and by his use of old documents and papers as aesthetic inspiration. Alechinsky is also known for subtlety and intensity in his use of colour in his lithographs. His rich and sensory work is housed in sixty-five of the world’s most eminent museums of modern art, including the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco and the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

In his collaboration with Swatch the Belgian painter created La Devoreuse (GZ401), an unforgettably bold and powerful work. With his vivid colours, master strokes and signature forms, the noted abstract expressionist’s creation growls with barely-restrained intensity. Black lines part the space of the volcanic dial, where fierce and nevertheless whimsical lines suggest a creature with teeth and eyes yet manage to inhabit the realm of abstraction. White hands enhance the strong, silent contrast between the cardinal-red dial and the black plastic strap. Ferocious and fashionable, this work of art has both bark and bite.

Born in 1922 at Haine-Saint-Pierre, Belgium, Pol Bury made his official debut at the International Exposition of Surrealism (Brussels, 1945). He elaborates a very personal pictorial poetics that is difficult to pin down to specifi c movements and schools, with which he nevertheless has contacts. He exhibits in the great capitals of culture and art, dedicating himself to sculpture with success and regularly exhibiting at the Galerie Maeght since 1969.

Pol Bury created a Swatch Art Special that is highly prized by enthusiastic collectors. Together with Pierre Alechinsky and Valerio Adami he created the “Foundation Maeght” set, which contains three
watches. Pol Bury’s Le Temps Ponctue (GZ110) is a wonderful black Gent with an extraordinary dial that gives the bearer of this watch a little piece of the Milky Way – every day.



Swatch hits the road in America with the Swatch Impact Tour. The tour brings together professional BMXers and skateboarders on a purpose-built halfpipe, featuring synchronized runs from riders and skaters.