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Swatch in 1989



In January, the Swatch creative Lab is established in Milan, Italy.
The Swatch Newseum goes on tour across Europe, showing every single Swatch watch ever manufactured.
The first Swatch store in Hong Kong opens in the city’s Causeway Bay district.
The Swatch Art Special Oigol oro, by Italian artist Mimmo Paladino, is given to 99 prominent individuals.



Italian artist Mimmo Paladino, who went to art school in the height of minimalism and conceptual art, is known for having played a leading role in the revival of painting that took place in the art world in the 1970s. Among other works he produced drawings on paper, bronze sculptures, site-specific installations, and stage and costume designs for the theatre. Interested in the relationship between sound and visual art, Paladino has collaborated with musicians on installations for public spaces.

Oigol Oro (GZ113) is a sophisticated work that is irresistibly stylish, rather like a witty, well-dressed guest at dinner. Subtly masculine, smart and with just enough fl ourish to bring out its simplicity, this collaborative effort with Swatch reveals the casual, faintly theatrical and decidedly masterful touch of the artist. The dial, which shows an image of a white-horned, black, devilish creature whose red trident indicates the time, is a classic reference to the legend of Faust. Drawn with thoughtful, ironic restraint, the dapper, appealing Mephisto at the centre has the elegance and dark fascination of the stage.



The Swatch Proteam is created to showcase a selection of world-class athletes coming from a variety of emerging and cutting-edge sports. The athletes chosen, like the Swatch brand, are synonymous with fun, passion and provocation. They live life and perform in sports like Skateboarding, Mountain Biking, BMXing, Rollerblading and Snowboarding with a colorful style that separates them from the crowd.


Product Line

TwinPhone (1989)

Swatch Telecom
High-tech products wrapped in an appealing, userfriendly design. TwinPhone (1989), Cordless (1996) and The Beep Box (1996) are designed to make communications easier; helping people stay in touch with the world.