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Swatch in 1990



Launch of the Swatch Chrono, the first multifunctional Swatch watch.
The COSC (the official Swiss chronometer testing agency) awards the certificate of chronometer quality to 97% of all Swatch watches tested.
The Swatch Scuba 200 is launched in the United
A major Swatch auction is held at Sotheby’s in Milan, where 99 models are sold. Swatch becomes an art object, commanding higher and higher prices from this point on.
The Biel School of Engineering and its Spirit of Biel⁄Bienne II wins the second World Solar Challenge, a 3005 km race from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. The purpose of the race is to show the development status for solar road vehicles ; the race is supported by Swatch.



Italian architect and designer Alessandro Mendini played a leading role in the renewal of Italian design in the 1980s. Known for the simplicity, elegance, and balance of his design and architectural work, he is also distinguished by his deft mixing of elements from different cultures and media. He works in furniture, graphics, interior design, painting and architecture. An honorary member of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and the Architectural League of New York, Mendini was also named “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” in France.

Mendini’s work for Swatch evokes the breezy, maritime, sun-on-skin feeling of lounging at the beach – even when his design is of a cityscape. Rendered in sugar-frosting pinks and purples, sprinkled with beach-umbrella reds and yellows, and generally favouring a palette of tropical blue-greens and pastels, these deliciously relaxed and easy-going watches are impeccably designed. Each one is a unique and pleasant expression with a feeling all its own. Cosmesis (GM103), Metroscape (GN109), Lots of Dots (GZ121), Fandango (SLR100), and Mendini Tower (GZS02) are imbued with the effortless, casual, unhurried spirit of the designer’s style. Miami ? The Riviera ? Either way, it feels amazing.



What is the Club? The Swatch Club is all about fun, joie de vivre, positive provocation – and of course, people.
It’s the home of all Swatch fans ! To join, fans can register online to discover various fun goodies, or go straight for annual Swatch Club Premium Membership by buying the Club Watch for access to lots of exclusive benefits and events.

By 1990, many people are collecting Swatch watches, and this very year a club called “Swatch Collectors of Swatch” is started in Switzerland to meet the needs of dedicated fans and loyal customers. Local versions of The Club are soon introduced in other countries :
1990 Switzerland, Austria
1991-92 Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA
1993-95 UK, Belgium
1997 Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong, Turkey

Golden Jelly (GZ115)
Here it is – the number one Club Watch. The very first Swatch designed explicitly for Collectors and Members of the Club, golden Jelly has the trademark Jellyfish feature, a transparent plastic case that reveals, rather than hides, the watch movement inside. golden Jelly has a gold-coloured movement and a golden battery
to match. This Gent was the one that started the whole Club Watch phenomenon, and remains a prized piece in many a Club Member's collection today.



For the first edition of the Swatch Race Against Time, the craziest ski tour of the year : traveling from the Mont Blanc (France, Italy) to Monte Rosa (Italy, Switzerland) in 32 hours.


Product Line

The Chrono is a stopwatch for the wrist, off ering sports timing functions to everyone.
Accurate to a 10th of a second, with Add and Split functions.

A diving watch anyone can aff ord ; water resistant to a depth of 200 m.