Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier De Le Rue



01 Jul 1979


Fontenelle‎ (Switzerland)‎


It says a lot that this fierce-riding boarder describes the ferociously beautiful icescapes of Antarctica as his favourite destination. For Xavier, life is about experiencing the moment, being in nature, finding your own way, and living on the edge.


Frontside 720, Fast Freeride Lines and more. This snowboarding racer and freestyler has the technique and feeling to take his sport to the max. Whether charging fast and furious down the big mountains or tricking a pillow, mini-golf, cliff drop or tight couloirs, Xavier is a master of the snow.


Based in Switzerland during the winter months, Xavier returns home to the French Pyrenees for summer, when not travelling for competitions or film shoots. A true lover of mountains, the boarder spends his time away from the snow with family, finding time to climb, surf, and mountain bike.

About him

In terms of technique and style, Xavier’s snowboarding is majestic, precise, and flawless, like the icy mountain faces and snowscapes he lives to charge. The repeat gold medalist has been wowing fans and riders alike with his grace on the snow since coming in 1st at Mount Baker Banked Slalom in 2002. Loaded as it is with awards, recognitions, and 1st-places, the French boarder’s resume reads like a bright pupil’s progress report: Xavier is a two-time Boarder X World Champion and took home the title of Freeride World Tour Champion over 8 times from heats around the globe, including from the Freeride World Tour Chamonix in 2011. Xavier continues to inspire, beaming his love for nature’s coldest terrain through respectable performances in competitions as well as appearances in film and television. He appeared in two Swatch TimeLine Episodes, in 2010 and 2011.