Fall-Winter 2019 A celebration of the most influential art movement of the 20th century, a tribute to one’s own culture and uniqueness and a (re-)interpretation of the growing fashion protection trend:
Say hello to Swatch’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection!

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Bau Swatch

BAU SWATCH celebrates 100 years of the world-famous Bauhaus, perfectly uniting art and technique. Primary colors and pure lines dominate BAU SWATCH, making the watches signature pieces as timeless as the most influential art movement of the 20th century.

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sutw405 sutw405

I love your folk

In an era of mixing personal statements in total freedom to define one’s style, accessories are more than ever personality signifiers, and each detail tells a part of one’s history. I LOVE YOUR FOLK proudly honours one’s own culture and uniqueness, adding the ultimate touch of folk to the season looks – be it paisley, flowers, lace or patterns!

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gb321 gb321
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Combine the current importance of building communities, the love for royalty and the fascination for an age where clothing was also protection and bejewelling. Here comes KNIGHTLINESS! Swatch’s shiny cocktail is served with big studs and a fancy gothic touch of brilliant black and blood red – of course still with a good portion of Swatch’s lightness and subtle humor.

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gb325 gb325
gn262 gn262
gr179 gr179
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