Swatch This

Telling stories of an ancient past and a faraway future and proving that reinvention is the best form of innovation while triggering both imagination and senses is the essence of Swatch’s latest Fall-Winter collection. The three different themes add up to a powerful selection that proves to be as playful, colorful and joyful as ever.

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The world is your neighbourhood, a phenomenon that Worldhood puts on the wrist in many different ways: inspirations from all over the globe have found their place in this collection, where fantasy becomes reality, well-known ideas mix with new states of mind, and art is in cahoots with handcraft.

Think Fun

More color, more fun, more fantasy. Think Fun fully embraces the DNA of Swatch, where colors, shapes and stripes explode into vibrant designs.


The red carpet is rolled out for Deep Wonder that makes colors sparkle with intensity and shades glitter into the night. It’s time to shine!