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Inspired by modern-day super-heroes, the limited edition watch #IAMWONDERMOM is our ode to all Mothers out there. They know the schedules of the whole family for the entire month and beyond. They can organize an entire flat under 30 minutes, while getting a call from work to fix that super pressing issue. They are capable of making that impossibly delicious vegan pasta carbonara for dinner, in between kid’s showers and setting tables. And most of the time, they justify it with a simple “someone has to do it”. Well, someone does have to, but not everyone can – Moms can and they do. We believe it’s about time they own it and celebrate it. To help the festivities, we made the limited Gent with a love-red design, a lower strap covered with emotions and a dial displaying the WONDERMOM emblem and its super-power spreading all the way to the case. Moms: it’s your time. Time to be a proud Wonder Mom. (Супер мама)

  • Movement
  • Water resistant
    3 Bar
  • Packaging type
  • "Dr.Swatch" Icon Dr.Swatch