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What is the best way to celebrate the national celebration day of the Netherlands? Most Dutch would say that it is by eating the national cookie: golden crispy Stroopwafles, which is the theme of the artwork Flat, Sweet and Famous by Tadej. The 200-year-old recipe was created to avoid waste – what today would be considered sustainable!

Design a crispy Swatch

The canvas by Obilala Nwankwo with the mouthful title A Mix of Contentment, the Gentleman, Cliché, the Queen In Her Prime aims to create a world of beauty without boundaries by mixing traditional masks and contemporary attire of Nigeria. Nwankwo and her art are cosmopolitan while celebrating local roots.

Mask a Swatch

Colours and rhythm make the world go around! With Colours of Venezuela Carlos Almenar presents a visual rhythm symbolising the chromatic and dynamic identity of his birth country, Venezuela. The colours and dynamic perception transports the observer to an imaginary universe. 

Create a Chromatic Swatch!

The heartfelt symbols on Mexican artist Ilse Valverde’s Milagritos are based on the colourful and intricate symbols originally made of tin or wood when asking for a miracle in Mexico. These miracles remind us that love is like art: you work with your heart in your hands to represent your devotion and strength. 

Create a Miraculous Swatch!

Culture, flora, fauna, rhythm, adventure … these are the pillars of Colombia! Pamela Daza’s The Be-Loved Land of Senses is based on the town she lived, Rincon del Mar. “The Rinconeros inspired me with their love and joy, they made me connect with reality and the meaning of life,” she says. 

Make a Meaningful Swatch!

Widespread, tough and durable; stubborn, persistent and an important source of income. Mongolian G.O.A.T by Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar (Jantsa) celebrates this important animal in Mongolia by playing with the pop culture term “Greatest Of All Time” – which Jantsa happily applies to the goat. 

Design the G.O.A.T Swatch

Little Big Austria by Dominik Schubert captures historical highlights by adding a satiric touch to some of Austria’s most famous historical figures, architectural and scenic highlights, typical colors and national symbols. These of course include Mozart and the Wienerschnitzel.

Design a unique Swatch

Lebanon, The Good Old Days, by Hisham Zeineddine dives into nostalgic childhood memories. Coffees and sweets represent the gatherings of people everywhere to tell stories in Lebanon. “The good memories will always stay alive in our hearts,” Hisham says. 

Create a Good Old Swatch

A Blend Made in Italy by Luca Vacchini captures the variety of dialects, architectures, artistic expressions and food in the boot-shaped country, Italy. These go hand in hand with the distinctive landscapes: zigzagging mountains, sinuous hills, flat plains and wavy seas – we are the outcome of the environment we live in. 

Create an Italian Swatch!

Purebred Arabian horses have been preserved on the island of Bahrain for over 200 years, and its equestrian history goes back to ancient times. A Dream of Obayyah, by Ali Al Hawaj features a mare of the Obayyan Arab Horse, an extremely rare and very precious strain. 

Create a galloping Swatch!

“Time past is connected to time present, which goes onto the future,” says Jamie M. Lee, the artist behind I Still Believe In Miracles, an abstract about dreams that miraculously have or will come true. Lee hopes to give a message of hope with her artistic canvas representing the United States.

Make a Swatch Come True!

Cheers! Claudia Blaesi’s BAR is a modern pub scene in the urban landscape of Germany. It shows joy of life, cosiness, openness, humour, the culture of welcome and tradition. Assembled by a mix of motifs, the artist achieved an unconventional and cheeky way to show this mood.

Make a Swatch On The Rocks

Stay tuned for more designs!

Stay tuned for more designs!

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