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Since 2002, ITS is a creative platform based in Trieste, Italy, that acts as a network in the search for inspirational, bold and visionary design. This year, young talents from across the globe will have the chance to expose their work and receive all the support and space to express their creativity.

The talents will compete for the spotlight under four different fields - fashion, jewelry, accessories and artwork – and the winners will surely be on the radars of the big names of fashion and design, and open doors to very colorful paths of their own.




Swatch, often referred to as a “canvas on the wrist”, is the main partner of ITS Artwork. For this purely artistic field on the competition the eight emerging designers were given the challenge to dive into their empty canvas with nothing but “courage”.

“Courage” is the vision that needs to be projected into their creativities and, to support the link, the artists will be inspired by the claim “SO BOLD, ALMOST INCREDIBLE”.

The international jury will review all the works of art and choose two special winners for the ITS Artwork and Swatch awards. Besides the cash prize, the Swatch Award will offer a 6-month paid internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich, Switzerland.




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