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Swatch Faces & Traces 2016

LIGHT UP Therapy Resort

LIGHT UP Therapy Resort is a pseudo healing sanctuary situated in the city center of Shanghai. Assembling a group of contemporary Chinese artists across the world, curators Tiffany Fung and Lu Siqiao design an immersive therapy program that models after the urbanite’s dream retreat.

The exhibition responds to the diverse conditions of mental health in modern life to examine the complex sources of shared anxieties:  some stem from social phenomena, such as food and public safety, marriage, the development of information technology; some are rooted in deeply private internal processes.

Meanwhile, the exhibition distinct self-coping mechanisms informed by interdisciplinary research and personal experiences. In witness of the emergence of commercialized mental health services, alternative healing practices and the rise of therapeutic culture, LIGHT UP Therapy Resort seeks to shed light to the often neglected yet urgent issue of emotional wellbeing in contemporary China.

LIGHT UP Therapy Resort opens November 25, 2017 and runs through March 9, 2018 at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.


Emerging Curators Project 2017

Swatch is again partnering with Power Station of Art (PSA) for the Emerging Curators Project 2017. Three groups of curators will present two exhibitions at PSA, as well as the fascinating LIGHT UP Therapy Resort at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

About the curators

Tiffany Fung is an artist, curator, and cultural worker currently based in New York. Her videos have been shown internationally in the U.S, Hong Kong, Greece, New Zealand & other venues.

Lu Siqiao is a New York based art historian, curator and writer. Her work focuses on how artistic practices intervenes the production of images and narratives, as well as social relations in the context of globalization.

Former artist-in-residence Wang Xin

Amongst other artists, LIGHT UP Therapy Resort features former Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency guest Wang Xin, whose work in video, multimedia and interactive art has been highly praised.