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slide ITS finaliste 2016


Or Eidelman_632x456

OR EIDELMAN, Israeli, Born 22nd November 1988

For this art project, I chose to evolve out of my graduation collection. In my final collection I drew on my personal story, I was born in Brazil, and adopted by a French mother and an Israeli father as a baby. I wanted to show a different side from my graduation collection. A more humorous side, which emphasises other aspects that I have to create something colourful and energetic, something different.



Viktoria Matsuka_632x456

VICKTORIA MATSUKA, Russian, Born 10th November 1994

My artwork is inspired by old and new history, blending cultures and female empowerment in a form of a warrior. Another very important aspect that had to be present in my work was handcraft as a form of meditation.


Le Roni Sachelaridi_632x456

LE RONI SACHELARIDI, Paraguayan, Born 20th May 1994

My artwork is inspired by many things, like nature, life experiences & travels but I would say that the main inspiration behind what I do is the intense passion and hunger I have for always creating new things in unexpected ways, aiming to always cause an impact to the eyes in a delicate yet powerful way with a meaningful message.



Veronika Fabian_632x456

VERONIKA FABIAN, Hungarian, Born 12th November 1979

My inspiration came from the intersection of the Swatch DNA and my own artistic journey. I based my Artwork on the notion of a woman’s relationship to self-identity, representing the complexity and difficulties of our constructed identity of the modern times.


Manimekala Fuller_632x456

MANIMEKALA FULLER , British, Born 8th April 1995

My artwork is inspired by the fleeting experience of dreaming and informed by my research into experimental textile print and embellishment. I am fascinated by the individual human experience and the idea of unknown power hidden within a person, whether that is the power of bravery, of freedom or of dreaming. In this piece, five hanging Perspex bubbles each capture a dream, suspended in time and space as a memory of freedom. 



Wujic Jo_632x456

WUJIC JO, South Korean, Born 4th November 1985

My artwork is from my MA collection ‘Bean’s tailoring’, it is my imagination ’What happens if Mr. Bean was a tailor?’ I wanted to express about classic tailoring and British combine with humour like Mr. Bean, so focused on using materials, way of express by tailoring but should be artwork. Therefore, I decided to draw Queen Elizabeth by hand stitch for bespoke tailoring way on wool fabric.