Estelle Balet



19. des. 1994


Vercorin‎ (Switzerland)‎


• Freeride in deep powder & forest as well as in steep faces with cliffs and pillows
• Favourite tricks : switch fs 180, fs 360 & Jib


Beside snowboarding, Estelle is above all a life-lover. She loves traveling, discovering new places and cultures as well as spending time at home with her friends and family.
Life is fun and she enjoys every single piece of it. She has her hands in everything: she plays tennis, she loves hiking & running, loves all kinds of watersports & snowsports and could spend days cooking.
After a competition or a hard week of school, you will also probably find her in the local pub with her friends, enjoying the night as much as she enjoyed the day.

About her

Estelle was the kind of child that could ski before she could walk. As she has been living in the mountains ever since she was born, her passions have always been connected with them. At first it was skiing, but it turned to snowboarding when she was 10 and has not changed since. Always smiling, laughing and pushing her own limits, she’s the kind of energetic girl you can never rest with until she goes to asleep.
Fearless, she always compares herself with the boys and never stops progressing. That’s the reason why – at the age of 18 – she will already compete next season on the Freeride World Tour, after having won the Freeride World Qualifier last season.
She never gets tired of being on the snow, so if she’s not out freeriding, you might well find her in a snowpark, on skis or telemarks. For Estelle, being in the mountains doesn’t mean climbing the highest summit under the hardest conditions—it means, above all, having fun and having new experiences with people who all share the same passion.