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Swatch AR'T

Swatch Augmented Reality

Swatch AR'T

Swatch Mobile

Swatch AR'T

The Swatch Augmented reality application gives you a new perspective on art, a symbiosis of the watch and the artist’s creative world.

The app takes you into the myth that lies at the heart of Mika’s watch designs. Swatch and post-modern pop star Mika have created two Swatch Art Specials, KUKULAKUKI (GZ287S) and KUKULAKUKU (SUOZ171). 

Thanks to the AR’t Swatch app, you can now reveal the new perspective of these watches. Just scan your Mika 4 Swatch watch or visuals showing the watch and discover the spirit world of the mask, which changes during the day, every 2 hours, offering you a surprisingly fun experience matching to every moment of your daily routine!

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