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Xavier De le Rue – DO IT YOURSELF

Xavier De le Rue - DIY
Xavier De Le Rue


Legendary snowboarder, 3-time Freeride World Tour Champion and Swatch Proteam athlete Xavier De Le Rue has a new adventure – all by himself!

Gone are the large-scale expeditions of the past: Xavier's heading out "ski-bum" style to make movies in the mountains with a flying camera invented by, himself and his team. All winter long he'll be chasing sparkling snow and stunning snowboard footage, filming himself from high above. Fans and followers can stay in touch with Xavier all winter, not least through flying-camera footage on the web in 7 webisodes and a wrap-up – with exclusive premieres on and Swatch social media. 

Swatch has backed this amazing boarder and energetic innovator for 10 years now, and is proud to present his latest endeavor: DO IT YOURSELF presented by Swatch will track Xavier De Le Rue through the winter – from a completely different point of view!


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Teaser Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier is a two-time Boarder X World Champion and took home the title of Freeride World Tour Champion over 8 times from heats around the globe, including from the Freeride World Tour Chamonix in 2011.

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