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Swatch in 1992



Nicolas G. Hayek, President and Chairman of the Board of SMH∕Swatch, speaks at the general assembly hall of the United Nations in New York (USA) on the subject of industry’s responsibility for the environment. Launch of the Time to Move watch, a Swatch Automatic.
The Swatch Newseum goes on tour in the United States.
7th of April 08.40 am : the 100 millionth Swatch rolls off the production line at ETA in Grenchen, Switzerland – The model was called Frische Fische.
Nicolas G. Hayek donates Swatch watches to the permanent collection of the International Watchmaking Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
From May – June, “El Paso del Tiempo” is the theme for Swatch activities at Expo 1992 in Seville, Spain. On show at the Casa de la Caridad : a Sam Francis Art Special watch.

Frische Fische_GG116

In spring, launch of the very first Stop Swatch.
In June, Swatch becomes part of the permanent collection “L’expo manifeste a Beaubourg” at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (France).
The latest addition to the Swatch Art Collection was created by the world famous American artist Sam Francis. Produced in a limited edition of 49,999 pieces, of which 48,888 pieces are available for sale by the end of June. The other 1,111 pieces will remain the property of Swatch Ltd. All Sam Francis Art Specials are numbered consecutively on the back of the case and a facsimile of the artist’s signature can be found on the inside of the strap.
In August, the Spirit of Biel∕Bienne II takes second place at Noto, Japan at the Grand Solar Challenge race.


In September, “Swatch the World” in Zermatt, Switzerland. More than 100 million Swatch watches have been sold worldwide, which makes Swatch one of the most successful products ever to emerge from Switzerland. Another paragon of Swiss virtue is the Matterhorn in Zermatt, chosen as the stage for the open-air Swatch festival, “Swatch The World”. The winners of a worldwide competition for a chance to purchase the limited edition watch of Sam Francis are announced at “Swatch The World” in Zermatt.
In September, the “Blackbox” exhibition in Berlin features the entire range of Swatch products, displayed according to product type.
In October, a special exhibition in Lingotto (Italy) covers all aspects of Swatch communications from 1983 – 1992.
Swatch Automatic at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.



The splashy series created by master colourist, illustrator, and comic artist Massimo Giacon takes the art of watch design to a new level. Brimming with joy, jumping with colour and buzzing with humour, his fresh and attractive watches are peopled with comic figures, graphic flourishes and visual tricks that tease and please the eye. This multi-talented artist’s diverse background is unmistakable in these works, which creatively rework pop themes and images, mixing them up with repeated, interlacing forms, snatches of text and motifs in a range of scales. Even the names are evidence of the artist’s sheer exuberance – Gulp!!! (GK139), Crash!!! (GG111), Lady Octopus (PWK150), Blub Blub (PWN106), Chicchirichi (GR112), Meeoow (PWK156)


American artist Sam Francis was born in California in 1923 and began to paint while convalescing from a war injury. He was interested in “not just the play of light, but the substance of which light is made”. Famous for his large, bright, and expressive paintings, Francis is alsoknown for his lithographs, etchings and monotypes. His work references abstract expressionism, colour field painting and French impressionism as well as Chinese and Japanese art. He maintained studios in Bern, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo.
Action-packed, gestural, full of drips and motion and the movement of paint across the canvas, Sam Francis’s (GZ123) eponymous collaboration with Swatch is an action painting on the wrist. The bold dial is a deep crimson with a saturated blue field of colour floating over black. The hands are red as well, and the strap features black shapes, aquamarine pools and red, yellow, blue and green splashes. Full of the presence of the artist’s hand and the evidence of time, one can almost feel the painting taking place on one’s wrist. Flexible and plastic with moments of transparency, this work is a true Art Special – special art in the form of a watch.


The irrepressible, joyous vision of Vivienne Westwood delivers a dazzling, multi-part work for Swatch. Bursting with passion and originality, this series of Swatch watches ranges from the soft, romantic frippery of Putti (PWK168) to the rich and royally feminine Orb (PWZ104) and the bold, graphic Anglomania (GW134P), whose coiling red rope and nautical theme call to mind the fantasy of pirates on the high seas. Created in a variety of materials and special packaging, these unexpected accessories play with the colours of contrast and the spirit of rebellion, overturning the tea table of fashion history to create opulent, vivacious works of art. Portrait (SFK150P), Flying Time (YLS415P), Seditionaries (YCS104P) and Cocotte (SUBK101P) show Vivienne Westwood discovering new facets of fashionable art for Swatch.



Scribble (GZ124)
It’s all about the artist in you, the one who writes and draws. Scribble is the name, a fantastic see-through plastic Gent, the Club Watch 1993. It’s a tribute to the art of the absent-minded – the scribbles or doodles and scratches you make as you sit dreaming in a meeting, wishing you were somewhere else with your own time on your hands. Arabic numerals on the dial and the outline of the strap, including loop and punchholes, are drawn in black by hand. A scribbled sketch and a witty work of art for your collection.



With Frisbee player Urs Hante (SUI) a new discipline is added to the Swatch Proteam.

Swatch sponsors the Snowboard European Championship in Leysin, the first edition of the legendary Champs Open, considered today as the
world’s oldest snowboard competition in Europe. The event consists of Halfpipe, Giant Slalom and Parallel Slalom.


Product Line

A Gent-sized sports timing device, its two hands can serve either as hour and minute hands or as the 60-minute and 60-second counters of a stopwatch.