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Swatch in 1993



Swatch Art Gallery, featuring all Swatch Art Special watches, as well as other works by the artists, goes on tour in Switzerland.

International launch of the Pop Swatch Art Special orb by famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, at the Prêt-à-Porter show in Paris (France). Orb – “A Symbol of Unfettered Tradition”. It is the first Art Special watch designed by a fashion-maker just for 49,999 Guardians of the Order.

Launch of the Swatch Aqua Chrono in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Launch of the first Swatch MusiCall watch by Nicolas G. Hayek and Jean-Michel Jarre at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and announcement of the joint Swatch and Europe Tour.

The Swatch MusiCall, the first wristwatch with alarm and reminder functions, features an unmistakable rhythmic sequence composed by Jean Michel Jarre. Europe in Concert is the name of the watch and the tour that from the end of July to October takes him to Belgium, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. The central theme of the spectacle is a multimedia interpretation of the subject of Time for Europe.


Nicolas G. B34Hayek launches Trésor Magique (SAZ101), the first Swatch with a platinum case, at the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). The official price : USD 1,618
Part of the Art. Artists are honoured in Hong Kong for their interpretations of Swatch.
Swatch Emotion at the “Industrial Design, Mirror of the Century” exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris (France).
Launch of the Swatch Art Special Neroli by Brian Eno in Madrid (Spain).
Swatch makes its entry into China.
Swatch takes part in the biggest fashion event in the United States, with the Passport 93 watch set designed by fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and supports the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.
Swatch sponsors two areas of the 15th Edition of the Biennale of Venice. Swatch awards a special "Swatch Award" to the most significant artist of "Aperto 93", a theme of the Biennale, which consists in the organization of an itinerant exhibition in the most important European cities. Japanese artist Yukinori Yanagi wins the award.
The Swatch BeepUp is presented at the International Exhibition for Telecommunication (IFA) in Berlin, Germany.
Launch of the Stop Watch in the United States, with NBA basketball superstar, Earvin “Magic” Johnson.



Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, also known as JC∕DC and the Marquis de Castelbajac, is a French fashion designer whose designs have been worn by, among others, famous pop stars and supermodels. His imaginative clothing collections have included childhood toys such as teddy bears or Legos, and in general he has a reputation for combining art and fashion with great success. In addition to working as a designer, de Castelbajac paints, composes, and writes, and was honoured with a retrospective exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Spangled with spaceships, clouds, rockets, and stars, this Swatch Art Special by the fanciful French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is a wearable piece of the heavens. Vibrating with the music of the spheres, nostalgic and as magical as a child’s drawings, Space People (GN134), is an eye-catching strip of fantasy. Sea green UFOs, cool blue clouds, rose-coloured planets, and yellow moons seem to burst into view from a field of white space. A simple dial with four fields of colour balances the motion-studded strap. With its whimsy, magic, picture-book colours and dreamy conceits, this piece of fantasy captures Swatch – on a cosmic scale ! The pop watch is called Enjoy It (PWK190) and shows the world of childhood.

Ugo Nespolo, born in 1941, is an Italian sculptor and painter. He was strongly infl uenced by the culture of Turin. In 1967 Nespolo fell in love with movies and started to make his own with great enthusiasm. In 1972 he and his friend Enrico Baj opened the Studio Nespolo & Baj, which in time became one of the most well-known studios. In addition to making movies, Ugo Nespolo has also written a number of books. In collaboration with Swatch Ugo Nespolo created the two watches Silver Patch (GN132) and Collage Dorè (GR116).

Mimmo Rotella was an Italian artist and poet best known for his works of décollage, created from torn advertising posters. Rotella created his works through the reworking of pre-existing images, which he found distributed in his urban landscape. His signature methodology was to erode ; he rubbed and tore at the surfaces of posters and advertisements until a multiplicity of layers was exposed. In a literal and fi gurative way, Rotella’s work unearthed buried meaning by scratching at the world’s deceptively glossy and seemingly process-free finished products.

Some like it hot, and everyone likes the ultimate icon of gloss and glamour. In his signature décollage style, the intriguing Rotella takes on a larger-than-life Marilyn (GZ133), re-constructing and deconstructing her mythic pop persona. With its urban, vintage advertisement colours exploring the places she came away at the seams. In Bengala (GZ132), a fierce creature snarls from the dial. Printed with nature’s catchy original design of black and orange stripes, this ferociously attractive piece meets the viewer’s gaze with a powerful eye.



Swatch is named Official Timekeeper of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, to be held in Atlanta (USA).
Swatch founder Nicolas G. Hayek makes the announcement at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.



The Proteam comprises 5 athletes from 2 different disciplines : Frisbee and Snowboard.

The Snowboard European Championship in Leysin becomes the Swatch Snowboard World Pro Tour and includes both Halfpipe and Parallel Slalom.


Product Line

The Swatch that is also an alarm clock. Rather than a shrill alarm, it plays pleasant tunes by renowned musicians.

The chronograph that came from the deep : a diver’s watch and a stopwatch in one. It’s the ideal Swatch for timing anything and everything, from 200 meters under the sea to the highest point of the Himalayas.