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Swatch in 1994



Eggdreams becomes the first Swatch Easter Special, limited to 33,333 pieces.


Mimmo Rotella, the Italian pop artist, creates two models, Marilyn and Bengala. Each watch with 22,222 individually numbered units, sold together in an exclusive twin box.


The presentation of Mimmo Rotella's Swatch Art Specials takes place in conjunction with exhibitions in New York, Milan, Paris and Cologne of the artist's current work. May in New York City - Over twenty paintings and other works of art by leading American and European artists go on display at Grand Central Terminal's Main Waiting Room exhibition space from June 7 to July 9. The exhibition, "Art to Swatch : From Canvas to Wrist - An Exhibition of Swatch Art Specials and the Original Art" is sponsored by Swatch and features original works commissioned for its Art Special series over the previous nine years.


The stainless Steel Swatch Irony, launched in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Swatch. 12 brand-new models feature elegant stainless steel cases in two different sizes (Big and Medium).


After Jean Michel Jarre, American composer extraordinaire Philip Glass is the second world-famous musician to create a rhythmic sequence for the Swatch MusiCall. The melody can be heard on two new models, Martingala and Boogie Mood.



A Swatch-sponsored submarine engages in scientific research at the bottom of Loch Ness, Scotland (750 feet deep). Swatch communications tie the research to the launch of the Swatch AquaChrono – waterresistant to 750 feet (228.6 meters).


August in Almeria (Spain) the Biel School of Engineering and its “Spirit of Biel∕Bienne III” set a new offi cial world record of 82.59 kph (51.6 mph) for a road vehicle powered only by solar energy. At the same time the Biel team pulverizes all the other speed and distance records set in 1988 by “Sunraycer”, the vehicle developed by American car manufacturers GM. Development of the high-tech vehicle” Spirit of Biel∕Bienne III”, along with the record attempts, has been supported all along by Swatch.


For Xmas, the Swatch Scuba watch is presented for the first time as a Swatch Loomi. The Loomi's most striking new feature is a tiny button that functions like a light switch : one need only press it to illuminate the dial. The colours on the dial change and the day-time design is transformed into one for the night.



Paolo Portoghesi, born in 1931 in Rome, is an Italian architect and professor at the University La Sapienza in Rome, where he also studied. In 1961 he began teaching the history of criticism. Three years later, together with Vittorio Gigiliotti, he founded his own company. Portoghesi and Gigiliotti went on to construct a number of great buildings, including the Royal Court in Amman, Jordan, and the Mosques in Rome and Strasbourg. In addition to his teaching and career as an architect, he has served as president of the architectural section at La Biennale di Venezia. As a teacher Portoghesi specialises in Baroque architecture and an organic form of modernism. In 1994 Swatch was fortunate to have Paolo Portoghesi design a Swatch Art Special, Agathos (GN140).


Christian Lacroix is a legendary French fashion designer whose background in historical costume and clothing informs his opulent, fantastical creations. He is known for referencing and recombining styles from fashion history, such as the corset and the crinoline. He also incorporates designs from traditional dress around the world, favouring hot colours, mixed prints and patterns in hand-woven or experimental fabrics. He designs jewellery, perfume, shoes, handbags, scarves, lingerie, menswear and glasses in addition to his prêt-à-porter pieces.


It’s Lacroix, Darling. What to expect from a collaboration with Christian Lacroix (alias Xian Lax, derived from a phonetic spelling of his name) but a jewel-rich, garnet-red, gold-wrought work of art that says Swatch in the same breath as it says Lacroix ? Ornate as a king’s regalia, Xian Lax’s Xmas (GZ140) presents a dial clasped in a pomegranate-red, translucent plastic body. The strap is elastic and assembled from cast brass segments. In place of hour and minute hands, a radiant, golden sun at the centre of the dial turns around 24 coloured crystals, indicating the preciousness of every hour and celebrating the ultimate timekeeper, the sun.


Mark Kostabi first emerged on the scene as a prominent figure of the east village art world in the 1980s. Known for his provocative commentary on the commodifi cation of contemporary art, Kostabi openly employed numerous assistants to produce his paintings. He has designed album covers for “Guns ‘N’ Roses” and is also a composer. His visual artwork features in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim Museum.



Crystal Surprise (GZ129)
In 1994 The Club was known as “The Swatch Collectors of Swatch”, and this year’s Club Watch is designed with a special collector in mind – one with a taste for precious stones and a sparkle in the eye. This Gent is the colour of gemstones – dark green and lustrous blue the strap, with a loop the colour of pearls, transparent violet the case. And, on the dial, the Crystal Surprise that gives the Club Watch 1994 its name : a diamond.



A portion of the proceeds from IOC 100, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the International Olympic Committee, goes to promote youth sports projects. The Swatch Olympia Chrono – a chronograph created to celebrate 100 years of the international Olympic Committee (1894-1994) – is launched. Swatch launches the first Swatch Historical Olympic Games Collection in Selinunte, Sicily (Italy), with the Swatch Centennial Race providing a festive backdrop for the occasion.



The first Beach Volleyball athletes, Paul and Martin Laciga (SUI), and the canoeist Claude Stahel (SUI) sign on with the Swatch Proteam.


Product Line

New technology meets contemporary design in a rugged range of stainless steel and aluminum watches.