Swatch x VERDY

April 18, 2024

Swatch X Verdy at Biennale
A person wearing a black outfit and cap salutes while standing in front of a colorful sign for the venice biennale 2024, titled "stranieri ovunque.
A young man in all-black attire and a cap sits on a stone balustrade, flashing a peace sign, with a scenic river and blue sky in the background.
A young man wearing glasses and a snapback hat stands beside a large golden statue of a cartoon character with exaggerated features, poised in a playful stance. trees in the background.
A person in a black jacket and cap is writing or drawing on a brown patterned column with a round, copper-toned object attached to it. there is a cartoon-like sheep drawing above their hand.
A person's wrist with a watch in the foreground, positioned against a blurred background showcasing a large golden statue shaped like a playful cartoon rabbit.

Swatch presents a collaboration with famous Japanese graphic artist at Biennale Arte 2024

Swatch is proud to announce a very special project, combining a sparkling art installation and a limited-edition watch: VICK BRONZE BY VERDY. The acclaimed contemporary Japanese graphic artist and the iconic watch brand have collaborated to create an art piece and a collector’s item that celebrates VERDY’s most recognizable character, Vick.


He’s a panda-rabbit character inspired by the individual traits of a panda, who is positive and peaceful, along with a rabbit, who represents longevity and abundance. Vick loves music, especially punk, which birthed his signature Anarchy logo in his stomach. Until now, Vick has only ever appeared in black and white. He makes his debut at this year’s Biennale Arte in a new color palette.VERDY’s iconic first character appears on the dial and across the strap of the bronze-colored watch, reflecting a larger-than-life art installation commissioned by Swatch for Biennale Arte 2024. In both the watch and the artwork, Vick’s attitude and expression remind us of the importance of seeking out play, even in grown-up environments. The watch is a GENT model, which at 34 mm, suits all wrist sizes without compromising on style. It is presented in opulent black and gold-colored packaging featuring Vick and ensuring that this Swatch Art Special will be a piece that true fans of VERDY will want to get their hands on. In an additional, ‘secret’ detail, Vick’s tongue changes color every day through a cycle of orange, red, pink, and yellow.

VICK for Swatch: larger than life Joy of Life – and love of Art!

As main partner of Biennale Arte 2024 in Venice, Swatch once again takes its typically different and innovative approach by hosting VERDY’s imaginative work in Giardini, the center stage.Those visiting the Giardini at Biennale Arte 2024 will see the imposing 4-metre bronze-colored figure of Vick in the same positive, welcoming, slightly mischievous attitude and distinctive hue as the Vick portrayed on the watch. It’s a truly unique artwork commissioned by Swatch and mirrors the larger-than-life projects which have been a staple of previous Swatch presentations at Biennale Arte. The collaboration is guaranteed to be a talking point as well as a focal point for those who love contemporary art and those who embrace Swatch’s approach of positive provocation.VICK BRONZE BY VERDY, both in the shape of the watch and the artwork, invites the audience to spend time connecting with their rebellious side in a way that mirrors the lighthearted and fun approach that Swatch is known for and the positive energy that VERDY brings to his art.Swatch is committed to bringing more art to more people as well as bringing masterpieces to the wrist. This unique collaboration, VICK BRONZE BY VERDY, does both while reflecting Swatch’s focus on creativity, joy of life and positive provocation.VERDY’s work shows us how graphic art has found its place at a famous art exhibition such as Biennale Arte 2024, inspiring a new generation of artists and art lovers, and unleashing the kid in everybody.


VERDY is one of Japan’s most recognized artists, known for his iconic projects Girls Don’t Cry, Wasted Youth, and his characters Vick and Visty. Born in Osaka and currently living in Tokyo, the graphic artist has worked with some of the world’s leading names in the film, sports, streetwear, and luxury fashion industries.