40 min. to go for it

This is my on-your-marks-get-set moment. Deep breaths. In, out, in, out. Things are about to lift off in style. It’s a brand-new world, and I’m ready for my adventure to start. Is the world ready for me?

15 min. for the perfect trajectory

You’re never too young to dream big, that’s what they say! The sky’s the limit? That’s nowhere near big enough for me. I’m shooting for the moon. One more fold. One more crease. It’s ready and it’s perfect. It’s my time to launch.

5 sec. for liftoff

This is the first step towards a new adventure, a new future, a new us. I’ve planned and am prepared. And now is the time. You know what’s incredible? That a short five seconds can take you on a journey to forever.

5 sec. to elevate your style

Why do I feel nervous? It’s been years since I wore this dress, maybe that’s why. But I feel good and I look better than ever. Glowing they say? Well, it’s indeed my time to shine.

1 sec. for zero gravity

One small jump for humanity, and a giant leap for my skills. The moment is finally here. What will floating feel like? Will I even notice? I’ve been practicing for this moment for who knows how long. My moment. It’s time to take things to the next level. Literally.

A glimpse of our universe

This, right here right now, is my life. I’m not just going to seize the day, I’m planning on seizing every hour, every minute, every single second. I’m on a mission to seize it all. And nothing can stop me.