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    What is a SwatchPAY! watch?

    A SwatchPAY! watch is a Swatch you can use to pay contactless. The watch uses a virtual card, linked to one of your physical cards to make payments.

    Can I get it online?

    Yes, in all launched markets.

    Can I buy SwatchPAY! as a gift?

    You can always buy it as a gift but please check the different activation options on our website. The lucky gift recipient will need to use their payment card to create the virtual card.

    What is the contactless payment limit?

    Each country has its own payment limit set by the authorities in that country. For instance, in Switzerland, the contactless payment limit is CHF 80.

    Can I pay an amount that is over the contactless limit?

    That depends on the country. For instance, in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Italy, you can simply enter your PIN to pay higher amounts. In others, such as the UK and France, you cannot pay a higher amount than the contactless limit.

    Where can I activate my SwatchPAY!?

    In store, via Android, or online when purchasing a SwatchPAY! watch on www.swatch.com .

    How many cards can I link to each watch?

    At the moment, only one card can be linked to each SwatchPAY! watch.

    Can I link more than one watch to a single card?

    Yes, you can link the same payment card to several watches.

    Can I activate my SwatchPAY! watch without an internet connection?

    To create your account and link your payment card you need a stable internet connection.

    Is there any activation cost or fee from Swatch?

    All you have to do is buy the watch. The rest is fast, easy and free.

    How does Swatch create this virtual card?

    Swatch uses a process called tokenization to create a virtual card linked to the watch.

    What is a token?

    A token is a series of randomly-generated numbers used in payment card tokenization. [It replaces the customer's primary account number (PAN).]

    What does "Token expired" mean?

    This means that the link between your card and watch has expired and you need to create a new link if you want to continue making payments with your watch.

    When do I have to renew the tokenization of my watch?

    There are three reasons you may need to renew the tokenization of your watch:
    1.    Your credit card has expired (usually after 37 months).
    2.    Your credit card has been renewed. 3.    Swatch has updated their payment technology (the initial is valid until the end of June 2021). If you use the previous technology, you'll need to renew the tokenisation of your watch.

    How do I find out when my virtual card will expire?

    You can find the expiry date on your SwatchPAY! app by wearonize by clicking on the card.

    What is the token's lifespan?

    The token's lifespan is usually 37 months but can vary from issuer to issuer.

    App by wearonize

    How can I download the app?

    Simply search for the app "SwatchPAY! app by wearonize" in apple’s app Store or Google Play and download the app.

    How can I create an account on the app?

    Download the app and accept the terms and conditions. Click "Create account", then follow the instructions to finish creating your account. Click on 'Create Account'. Enter your nationality Enter your 'Email address' Insert ' Password' (minimum 6 charaters are required) Click 'Continue' Wait for the confirmation email.

    I downloaded the app and created an account. Where is my confirmation email?

    Please check your spam folder. If it isn't there, please try the process again. If it still doesn't work, please contact us via www.swatch.com

    I forgot my username for my SwatchPAY! app.

    The user name for SwatchPAY! is always an email address. Try entering all your known email addresses or contact us via www.swatch.com.

    I forgot the password for my SwatchPAY! app.

    Open the SwatchPAY! app by wearonize.
    Click "Sign in".
    Click "Forgot your password".
    Enter the email address you registered with.
    Click "Reset password".
    You will receive an email from noreply@swatchpay.app with a link.
    Click the link and enter your new password.

    How can I delete my SwatchPAY! data?

    You can remove the link to your payment card using the app, but some non-sensitive data will still be stored on the watch. To remove it completely, please visit a Swatch store or use an Android smartphone and follow the steps to set "back to factory settings".

    How can I confirm that my payment card is no longer linked to the watch?

    After cancellation, the SwatchPAY! app by wearonize will show that the virtual payment card is suspended or has been removed.
    If you visit a selected Swatch store or use an Android phone to set "back to factory settings" before cancelling the payment card on the app, the only visible element will be the token and you can remove it with the “Remove Card” button.

    How can I delete a virtual card in the SwatchPAY! app?

    To delete unused virtual cards, simply sign in to the app, click on card details and remove virtual card. IF you remove the link to your payment card using the app, some non-sensitive data will still be stored on the watch. To remove it completely, please visit a Swatch store or use an Android phone to set "back to factory settings" before removing it from the app.

    Activation with an android

    Can I use my apple iPhone to activate my watch?

    No, you need an Android phone to activate it.

    Why does it not work with my apple iPhone?

    Apple does not allow transmission of payment data through its devices.

    Does it have to be my own personal Android phone?

    Not necessarily, but you'll need to log into the SwatchPAY! App by wearonize with your credentials.

    I have an Android phone but cannot connect my watch and phone.

    You need to enable the NFC on your phone. You can do this in your phone settings.

    I tried to check how to enable NFC on the phone's settings but cannot find out how to do it.

    Not all Android phones have NFC. Please check if your phone has NFC.

    How can I delete the information from my watch with an Android phone?

    Open the SwatchPAY! app by wearonize, then on the menu select "back to factory settings", and follow the steps until you receive a confirmation in-app.

    Is safe to use the Android phone to activate my watch?

    Yes, it is safe. The process is validated and secured by Mastercard and Visa.

    Did you get the message ' Your SwatchPAY! Watch cannot be detected, please try a different position? '

    Move you watchhead on the back of the phone to find the NFC connection. Once the phone and watch are connected it will be indicated in the app.

    Returns and Repairs

    Something is wrong with my watch. Can I send it for repair?

    If your watch has not been activated you can always give it for repair at a Swatch Store or contact our customer service to send it by post. For activated watches please contact our customer service and they will assist you.

    How can I return a watch that I bought online?

    Please contact our customer service for more information.

    Can I return an activated watch?

    Please contact our customer service for more information.

    What should I do if I lose my watch or someone steals it?

    The first thing you should do is suspend your virtual card within the SwatchPAY! app by wearonize. Go to “My SwatchPAY!”, select your card and click on the suspend button. If you prefer, you can also delete your virtual card and token. Once the virtual card is suspended or deleted through the app, the watch can no longer be used to make payments. If you lose your physical payment card, you should call your bank immediately to block the card.

    If the thief makes any purchases, am I covered by my payment card’s insurance?

    This depends on your contract with the card issuer and the law in your country. In most countries, there are laws limiting consumer liability for payment card fraud to a certain value (please contact your bank for more details).

    Data and Security

    Is SwatchPAY! compliant with the GDPR?

    Yes, it is GDPR-compliant.

    What is a "Secure Element"?

    A Secure Element is a tamper-resistant chip capable of securing confidential and cryptographic data such as payment card data in accordance with regulations and security requirements set out by a group of trusted authorities.

    When will the Secure Element (chip) expire?

    A Secure Element doesn’t have an expiry date. To be used for payments, a Secure Element is evaluated by trusted authorities to ensure it is secure enough to hold payment credentials. This evaluation is attested by a certificate from a contracted lab; this certificate has an expiration date. At the time of expiration, the chip manufacturer typically goes through testing at a lab to extend validity. If no security breach is found, the lab will issue a new certificate. Secure Element certificates are public and can be found at the respective websites of the certification body or trusted authority. For payment, this trusted authority is EMVCo. EMVCo also relies on Secure Element certifications by Common Criteria. Common Criteria is an international set of guidelines and specifications developed for evaluating information security products, specifically to ensure they meet an agreed-upon security standard for government deployments.

    What does EMVCo stand for?

    EMVCo is the international body that currently manages standards relating to EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) payment technology (https://www.emvco.com). It is a consortium with control split equally among Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, China UnionPay and Discover.

    Does SwatchPAY! use Secure Elements with EMVCo certification?

    Yes, SwatchPAY! watches contain chips that are EMVCo-certified.

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