The Swatch recipe for love

12 July 2023

On today’s menu, the new Valentine’s Day Collection

The Swatch recipe for love starts with a pinch of creativity, then a splash of color, followed by a good measure of playfulness and customization! Swatch has been creating special watches for the annual love-inducing celebration since 1995. This year, Swatch rolls up its sleeves and delivers three designs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and just as good all year round.

Many say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Swatch believes it’s also through what’s on their wrist. RECIPE FOR LOVE has a customizable twist that will make foodies and soulmates get in the lovey dovey spirit. LOVE TO GO AROUND and PUREST LOVE complete this year’s Valentine’s Day line-up with timeless designs that celebrate love.

Treat dates and mates with a Swatch special. RECIPE FOR LOVE dials up the playfulness and customization with nine different watch strap loops and hands in the shape of a knife and fork. The back of the watch strap features a red and white chequered tablecloth pattern for an extra fun touch. The idea is for the wearer to create their own recipe for love with the nine watch strap loops that include zest of sex appeal, a pinch of magic, 4 liter of surprise, spoonfuls of touch, spoonfuls of joy, 1 big cup of flirting, 2 large helpings of luck, 200g of kisses, and a chef’s hat symbol.

Swatch baked up a great idea for the RECIPE FOR LOVE packaging. On the reverse of the red and white chequered box is a heartfelt recipe “Fill the heart with love, magic, flirtation and trust. Blend with joy and combine with sex appeal and a soft touch. Finally, garnish with kisses. Bake for as long as needed – over the course of a single night, or a lifetime.”

Roses are red, violets are blue, in need of a Valentine’s Day gift? The LOVE TO GO AROUND NEW GENT and PUREST LOVE GENT are new! Both timeless watches play with the theme of reflections and celebrate love all-year-round. Channelling true blue romance, the word ‘love’ is printed three times on the brushed metallic dial of the LOVE TO GO AROUND. On the chic white PUREST LOVE the word ‘love’ is engraved three times on the red mirrored dial with a heart replacing ‘o’ at 12 o’clock. For a touch of extra love, the hands are in the shape of cupid’s arrows.

The Swatch Valentine’s Day Collection will be available on and in Swatch stores from January, 19 2023. #SwatchWithLove