Swatch is proud to announce Mila De Le Rue as new Proteam rookie

11 March 2024

Freeride skier is our latest winter sports specialist.

Swatch is very excited to announce that up-and-coming ski star Mila De Le Rue has joined our Proteam, strengthening our roster of winter sports specialists. Mila will make her first appearance at the Swatch Nines Snow in Schilthorn, Switzerland in April.

Daughter of snowboard legend Xavier De Le Rue – himself a Swatch Proteam athlete since 2000 – Mila, who recently turned 18, has practically grown up on skis and started on the Freeride World Tour club when she was just 13. Since then, she has gone on to compete in a range of international Under-18 competitions. In 2024, she has begun on the Freeride World Tour Qualifiers.

Already an accomplished skier, Mila has learned a lot from her famous father and continues to train and develop her skills with a team of coaches. Like many of our athletes, Mila is an all-rounder in action sports and also enjoys downhill biking, climbing and skating at home in the ski resort of Verbier in Switzerland.

When she’s not studying or training, she’s also a creative soul with photography, sewing, drawing, ceramics, playing guitar and ukulele being just some of her hobbies. Joining the Swatch Proteam is a dream come true for Mila.

Being surrounded by other inspirational athletes is the biggest plus. Always looking to make the most of her precious time, her craziest dream is to make a living skiing but still be able to spend a whole summer on the beach learning to surf. Swatch knows that sport has the power to inspire deep emotions and to focus people in the moment.

For Mila, when she skis “you can really feel everything, and you don't think about anything else”. Known for her relaxed skiing style, Mila is an athlete fully focused on having fun to be the very best she can be. That’s a sentiment that Swatch shares.

A fan of small watches, Mila mentions the classic ONCE AGAIN with its simple black and white color scheme as a personal favorite. It suits her simple and straightforward fashion sense. She also wears the brand-new WHAT IF...SKY? from the BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection.

As the newest member of the Swatch Proteam, we are excited to have Mila onboard and are looking forward to watching her grow and develop as an athlete. We’re looking forward to hitting the slopes with Mila this year and seeing where the shared adventures take us.