In case of love, wear your heart on your wrist

15 January 2024

Three heart-inspired watches dial up the love factor for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the people who are the minutes to your hours, so make it count. The new Swatch Collection celebrates love in all its forms and features bio-sourced materials which are more loving for the planet.

Hearts can literally be worn on sleeves with all three new designs. The HALF <3 WHITE and HALF <3 RED are for couples who have two hearts that beat as one from love-at-first sighters and soulmates to best friends. Love is full of highs and lows, and the calendar window on Love o’clock displays twelve different kinds of love vibes for the wearer to choose from. In case of love, people can break open the collection’s playful love-drenched packaging and wear their Swatch to declare their adoration for themselves or for others.

Show some love for this perfectly timed pair. The HALF <3 WHITE New Gent comes in bright red, while the HALF <3 RED New Gent features an almost-all-white palette.

The case, glass and buckle on both watches are made from bio-sourced materials. Swatch extends its playful touch to the glow-in-the-dark hearts on the dials and the ‘In case of love, open the box’ packaging.

Power couples who purchase two Valentine’s Day watches can opt for the extra special ‘You are the minutes of my hours’ case that displays the watches next to each other.

Love is like a rollercoaster and brings with it a whole load of mixed emotions. LOVE O’CLOCK Gent displays twelve of them on the calendar wheel from heartache to love-struck, while the red heart illustrations pop against an all-white strap, dial, case and buckle.

Those looking to add a little extra love to their watch rotation can do so on 20 January 2022 when the Swatch Valentine’s Day Collection releases in stores and online. A Swatch x You digital design with six different patterns will be available in selected countries online from 21 January 2022.