Longboard dancing world champion Lotfi Lamaali joins the Swatch Proteam

12 July 2023

Lotfi Lamaali

Swatch welcomes to its Proteam a virtuoso in the world of longboard dancing.

Moroccan longboard dancer extraordinaire Lotfi Lamaali straddles the world of longboarding and social media seamlessly and is the latest athlete to bring their style and skill to the Swatch Proteam.

Lotfi Lamaali has made a name for himself throughout Europe and on the global scene, winning contests while traveling, carving and cruising the world. He discovered the joy of longboarding in 2008, two years after moving to Paris. It’s a sport and artistic practice that combines his greatest passions, skateboarding, surfing, and dancing.

Timing is everything, and back then, Lotfi was self-taught as there was very little about longboarding on YouTube or Instagram. Today, that’s changed as Lamaali films and shares his latest skills and techniques with his growing social media following. He’s regarded by many as a pioneer and has a fluidity on the board that is mesmerizing to watch.

Lamaali began collaborating with various leading skate and longboard brands in 2010, started competing in 2012, and was the Longboard dancing and Freestyle world champion in 2013. Driven by his desire to grow the longboarding community, he founded Docksessions in 2014, an international movement that connect longboard communities worldwide.

Recently, Lamaali brought his natural ease and flow to the Swatch X Centre Pompidou campaign and has plenty of exciting things planned both on and off his longboard.