Six new Swatch X You designs take customization to new heights.

A new star is born: Swatch partners with the European Space Agency (ESA) for its latest Swatch X You designs

5 October 2023

Six new Swatch X You designs take customization to new heights.

Swatch has partnered with ESA to create a series of six celestial-inspired Swatch X You designs that can be turned into one-of-a-kind timepieces. With every unique, new watch created a new star is born!

Available from October 4, the unique series of designs celebrates images of cosmic landscapes found thousands of light-years away from Earth and captured by the world’s most specialized space telescopes. The designs offer an insight into stars, including the illustrious Pillars of Creation, the eye-catching Protostar L1527 and a striking young star-forming region in the Carina Nebula.

With their mesmerizing formations and brilliant colors, the Swatch X You – ESA designs provide endless inspiration for watch customization where uniqueness and individuality are guaranteed. Imagination is the only limit!

Each timepiece created will be produced and delivered complete with an ESA logo loop, a special sleeve and a postcard featuring the image that inspired them.

The starry night sky and what lies beyond what our naked eye can see have captivated human imagination for centuries. Thanks to the Swatch X You – ESA designs, the cosmic wonders that exist outside the confines of our known world are more accessible than ever before.

Creating your unique Swatch X You watch couldn’t be simpler:

1. Visit the Swatch website and choose “Customize”. 2. Select your favorite design. 3. Move, rotate and zoom in or out until you find the perfect design for you. 4. Choose the color of the watch mechanism, with or without indexes. 5. Enter a personalized message for the back of the case (optional). 6. Preview the design and place your order.