Forget flowers, reach for the Swatch star this Mother's Day

15 January 2024

And the star mom award goes to…

Time is what you make of it, and moms dedicate most of theirs doing the very best for their kids. Besides thanking her for the obvious (welcoming us into the world,) Mother’s Day is a great time to appreciate everything she does. After all, the juggle is real, from school runs and work to serving up meals and advice while treating scraped knees and matters of the heart along the way!

Swatch likes to think of moms like stars; we don't always see them, but we know they're always there. Taking inspiration from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the brand has created the ultimate accolade to surprise and treat the mother figures in our lives. This year’s edition is a star watch for star moms, made from responsibly bio-sourced materials that will make her Mother’s Day (and, let’s face it, probably her entire year)!

STAR MOM is a shimmering gold star for star moms. In addition to two glitter strap loops, this playful and striking gent biosourced comes with four additional ones that represent each of the Swatch “Star Award Nomination” categories: loving (heart), caring (kiss), giving (gift), and empowering (muscle). Overachieving moms can wear them all at once!

The watch comes in a specially designed packaging and has a Hollywood quality thanks to the pink dial with Sparklissime effect and the gold appliques around the large shimmering pink star. Gold-colored ‘YOU’RE A STAR’ text adorns the dial alongside the black Swatch logo and gold-colored hands, while the silver-colored glitter effect strap will brighten both her wrist and day.

MOTHER’S DAY 2022 will be available online and in Swatch stores from 3 March 2022.