Swatch Power of Nature collection – capturing the power of waterfalls, the desert, icy mountains, and the forest

18 January 2024

Swatch has captured the power of nature in a new collection of watches inspired by the great outdoors that are ready for anything.

Each of the natural features – waterfalls, the desert, icy mountains, and the forest - is created over time and represents a connection to past and present, holding a unique fascination now. Nothing else has the same power to keep you in the moment.

With unique elements reflected in innovative details and textures on dials and straps, these watches seamlessly blend practicality and beauty, effortlessly elevating your style.

Swiss-made quality, water resistance, durability, comfort, and functionality are infused into each model in the Swatch POWER OF NATURE Collection for a wearer experience that is joyful, powerful and a breath of fresh air.


Dive headfirst into the powerful surge of the waterfall. Refreshing, energizing, and invigorating, the beautiful natural phenomenon is recreated in the unique ‘drops falling’ dial design. What appears up close as dots and dashes of undulating texture, looks fast and free flowing at a glance. The fresh, clean, cool color palette takes you to the source. Feel the spray and seize the day!

SPLASH DANCE, SKIN IRONY, 42 mm textured dial in metallic blue, stainless steel case and bracelet

FROZEN WATERFALL, GENT BIOCERAMIC, 34 mm blue dial with metallic blue textured detail in outer ring, ombré-effect strap


Rolling, majestic dunes, waves, ripples, and endless expanses of sand. The sheer scale and vastness of the desert are almost unimaginable, its might awe-inspiring, its sandstorms all-encompassing. Swatch has harnessed the power of the desert and presents dials that are calm and compact with a distinctive sandy finish. Straps with contrasting textures reflect the complexity of the terrain in a subtle way.

SUNBAKED SANDSTONE SKIN IRONY, 38 mm dial with grained texture and 3D indices, beige textile strap

CORAL DUNES, SKIN CLASSIC BIOCERAMIC, 34 mm dial with grained texture and coral details, beige textile strap


Experience the calming power of the forest as you bathe in its greenery. The canopy of tall trees creates a unique light source that is by turns shady and cool, sun-dappled and warming. Big, bold, rugged cases and straps in essential, earthy tones form the perfect backdrop for dappled dial designs. The raised dial pattern calls to mind the floating embers of a bonfire, the biodegrading leaves underfoot, raindrops on leaves and the tiny elements of the ecosystem that are characteristic of the whole forest.

BY THE BONFIRE, NEW IRONY CHRONO, 43 mm textured black dial, khaki textile strap

FALL-IAGE, BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC, 47 mm lacquered, textured black dial, orange strap with black and green loops

Icy Mountain

Breathe in the freshness of mountain air amid steep slopes, soaring peaks and frozen glaciers. Icy mountains are there to be conquered as well as admired for their breathtaking beauty. Unique and intricate contrasting dial structures in icy hues represent the rocky crags and sheer faces, with grip tread patterns highlighting the slick, frosty surfaces. Layered dials bring depth and perspective while stainless steel and Bioceramic cases and straps complete the lightweight but rugged look and feel.

FROSTBLOOM, BIG BOLD IRONY, 47 mm textured dial in metallic blue with 3D indices, stainless steel case and integrated bracelet

GOOD TO GORP, NEW GENT BIOCERAMIC, 41 mm textured dial in metallic blue with 3D indices, black textured strap

Break free from the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and leave a trail of joy and inspiration everywhere you go. With Swatch, every second becomes a celebration, every minute a chance to create unforgettable memories.

Nothing else has the same power to keep you in the moment. The power of nature is irresistible.

The Swatch POWER OF NATURE Collection is presented in special recyclable packaging and is available on and selected Swatch stores starting from January 18, 2024.