Swatch Proteam profile: Andy Anderson

31 October 2023

The free-flowing Canadian pro skateboarder is a boundary pusher with a distinct and artistic style.

Andy Anderson is known for his trick selection that seamlessly blends many aspects of skating, including street, transition, and freestyle into harmony and for being the only pro street rider that wears a helmet. His mixture of old school and new school tricks give this student skate history this unique style that put him on team Canada in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Born in 1996, the Canadian has been developing his signature since he was four. At age seven, Andy started his competitive skateboard career. At age 15, Andy won two Vancouver local skate park competition titles; King of the Bowls and King of Surrey. Andy won the Freestyle World Championship twice, once in Japan in 2017 and the second time in Vancouver in 2022, and today, he competes as an all-round skater melding street, bowl, and freestyle.

Andy spends more time riding on four wheels than walking on his two feet. It shows. He’s a leader in the sport, respected for pushing the boundaries of what can be done on a board. The kind of skateboarding you can’t stop watching once you start. Andy joined the Swatch Proteam in 2022 and exudes the same passion for innovation and mixing the old with the new as the Swatch brand. While his home is in White Rock, Canada, Andy spends most of his time in Venice Beach, California, the Mecca of skateboarding history and culture.