Swatch x VERDY

18 april 2024

Swatch X Verdy at Biennale
A person wearing a black outfit and cap salutes while standing in front of a colorful sign for the venice biennale 2024, titled "stranieri ovunque.
A young man in all-black attire and a cap sits on a stone balustrade, flashing a peace sign, with a scenic river and blue sky in the background.
A young man wearing glasses and a snapback hat stands beside a large golden statue of a cartoon character with exaggerated features, poised in a playful stance. trees in the background.
A person in a black jacket and cap is writing or drawing on a brown patterned column with a round, copper-toned object attached to it. there is a cartoon-like sheep drawing above their hand.
A person's wrist with a watch in the foreground, positioned against a blurred background showcasing a large golden statue shaped like a playful cartoon rabbit.

Swatch presents a collaboration with famous Japanese graphic artist at Biennale Arte 2024