Time to level up with the Swatch X Dragon Ball Z collection

15 januari 2024

Goku, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu, Gohan, Vegeta, Master Roshi and Shenron are all here.

Calling all anime fans, it’s time to reveal the SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z Collection. Seven Swatches, and a Limited Edition set reimagine iconic characters from Dragon Ball Z. Even those who haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z may know something about one of the most popular and successful series in the anime world that follows Goku and his friends who together fight to defend the Earth from villains.

Swatch considers its watches as keepers of memories and puts its colorful, playful and innovative spin on Dragon Ball Z. There are two versions or elements of the same character on the front and back of each watch. The characters’ names are in English on the front upper loop, in Japanese on the reverse, and the Dragon Ball Z logo on the bottom loop, showing the level of detail and passion that has gone into this collaboration.

GOKU is the heart and soul of the Dragon Ball Z series. As one of the last Saiyans, he is the Earth’s primary defender against intergalactic threats. The vivid orange and black BIG BOLD watch takes inspiration from Goku’s outfits. The dial features the Japanese symbol for his name that appears on his dogi, while the strap back has the Kintoun, a mysterious nimbus cloud.

CELL is the artificial life-form created by Dr. Gelo, former scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, to exact revenge on Goku. The bright green and black BIG BOLD watch captures the essence of Cell. The pink dots on the hands reflect his eye color, the yellow crown is his facial features, and the underside of the watch strap depicts his lethal black and dark orange tail.

FRIEZA is the most well-known villain of the series who engages Goku and his friends in a battle where Goku famously transforms into a Super Saiyan. Two forms of Frieza are captured on the GENT watch, white and purple on the watch front and pink-lined detailing on the underside that looks to the villain’s skin for inspiration, while the red dots resemble his eyes.

MAJIN BUU is a villain with many skills, including being able to transform an adversary into a cookie and absorb their powers. The BUU GENT watch has a black ‘M’ on the yellow dial, taking inspiration from Majin Buu’s gold belt. The purple and pink underside of the watch details the larger form of Buu’s cape and belly.

GOHAN is the son of Goku. Born on Earth, he is the first Saiyan-human hybrid to achieve Super Saiyan form at a young age, The NEW GENT watch features a Kamehameha energy lightning design with ‘KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA’ printed on the glass dial. The front strap has the same patch given to Gohan by his trainer Piccolo, while the reverse has elements of his childhood outfit.

VEGETA is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race who used to be cruel and evil, but after fighting with Goku, gained a good heart. The NEW GENT watch captures Vegeta’s first appearance and the exact moment he realized Goku’s power level on his Scouter with a depiction of Goku’s silhouette on the white dial. The black and white print on the red glass watch represents the Scouter lens he uses, and the backside of the watch showcases his Great Ape form.

KAMESENNIN is a martial arts master and inventor of the infamous Kamehameha technique, who is often seen with his talking sea turtle companion. The dial of the NEW GENT watch takes inspiration from Master Roshi’s well-known sunglasses while the strap back reflects his Aloha shirt.

SHENRON is a divine dragon who grants any wish once someone has collected seven Dragon Balls. The BIG BOLD watch embodies the green dragon scale pattern with an underside that mirrors the belly of Shenron. On the bezel, ‘Tell me your wish’ is printed in Japanese and English text, while Shenron’s claw takes center stage on the dial and is surrounded by the seven Dragon Balls.

The SHENRON X SWATCH NUMBERED EDITION is for super fans of the Dragon Ball Z series and is limited and numbered to 997 pieces. The watch features a goldcolored crown, loop, buckle and seven Dragon Balls that contain the rest of the Swatch X Dragon Ball Z main collection.

The Swatch X Dragon Ball Z Collection will be available in Swatch stores and online from 25 August 2022. Soon followed by the release of both the limited and numbered edition SHENRON X SWATCH NUMBERED EDITION and the SHENRON X SWATCH in Swatch stores on 1 October 2022 and online on 6 October 2022.