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Create your unique Peanuts story on your Swatch

Create a one-of-a-kind Peanuts story you can take anywhere with these fun and dynamic designs featuring all of the Peanuts gang up to their usual antics.


Made-for-you Peanuts fun

Swatch X You

Swatch X You

Inspired by the cool dads around the world, this design is a tribute to all the characters they can pull off on a daily basis – never ceasing to surprise and motivate us to be better and better.

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Winning Canvases at the World Expo

Winning Canvases at the World Expo

For Expo 2020 Dubai, we invited established and emerging artists from all over the world to create stunning canvases that celebrate their countries. The Swatch jury has chosen 80 artworks that you can transform into unique watches. These canvases are surprising, exciting and always original!

Check out the winners and start creating your unique Swatch!

Create your unique story with our Core collection

Our Core collection features urban Street Stories, boldly colorful Geometry Madness, and flora & fauna-themed Power Nature for your unique creation.