Swatch x You - Expo 2020 Dubai

With Boleh (We Can), LengHuat Lee has created a whimsical, joyful and colorful pattern with Malaysian flora and fauna – with the goal of making all Malaysians smile. Especially those – like himself – who are working and residing outside Malaysia. Don’t miss the bio diverse national celebration day at the Expo on January 8!

Design a vibrant Swatch

Like a colorful tapestry, Israel is woven from a variety of cultures and identities. This artistic design titled Couples by Esther Pomerantz is all about contrast and togetherness, an expression of the many distinct shades in Israeli society. Celebrate Israel's national day at the Expo 2020 Dubai on January 9.


On January 10, China's national day at the Expo 2020 Dubai, we celebrate with Xue Fei's Pangu, which is inspired by Chinese mythology. In the beginning, there was chaos, and Pangu was born. He separated heaven and earth, and his body was transformed to create the world. This artistic design is rich in imagery from this ancient myth.


For January 14, the Expo’s national celebration day of Portugal, Policarpo Rodrigues de Brito has created Fado, a canvas honouring his passion; the Portuguese melancholy and expressive music that is part of UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

Print a Swatch That Makes You Sing

The pastel-colored Bojagi by Korean artist Jo Baewoon is highlighted on January 16, Korea’s national celebration day at the World Expo. Inspired by the traditional versatile wrapping cloth used for anything from keeping valuable things at home, to gift packages and school bags. Made from remnants of cloth, to the artist the Bojagi represents a no-waste approach and beauty in everyday life. 

Design a versatile Swatch

Sola Melite by Andre Farrugia uses cultural motifs from the country’s art and craft tradition to design what he calls a “visual meditation”. By its hands-on feeling, he pays respect to cultural artisans keeping arts and craft alive on the island. Celebrate Malta’s day at the Expo on Jan 19! 

Design a traditional Swatch

Singapore: A cosmopolitan city, a global business hub with a developed, internationally famous infrastructure. This and all the resilience from the multicultural heritage of diverse ancestors that made this inspiring development possible is captured in Minxian Koh’s Home is Where My Heart is. Join the Expo’s Singapore celebration on January 22. 

Design a multicultural Swatch

We are one! King of Jakraval by Lisa Mam & Peap Tarr shows the King’s third eye, and the mouth as a space vortex. This and the swirly, psychedelic background communicates that we are all one and connected! Let’s celebrate the unity of humankind on Jan 24, Cambodia’s national celebration day at the Expo. 

Design a uniting Swatch

Holi of colours by Syed Oosman uses multiple colors which is used in the pulsating festival in India nown as Holi – a vibrant event where people party and play together with colors during a day full of life! Let’s make a colorful celebration on January 26, India’s national celebration day at Expo 2020 Dubai!

Design a multi-colored Swatch

Veronika Barrera, the graphic designer who has created Picturesque Slovakia, has captured the has breath-taking nature, castles, UNESCO-protected wooden architecture and folklore traditions that shape the character of this little big country. The World Expo will celebrate the rich traditions of Slovakia on Jan 27. 

Design a folkloristic Swatch

Musical vibration that marries the iconic jacket art of David Bowie and Radiohead with an interpretation of the Canadian maple leaf! Exit by Andre Beaulieu captures the feeling that the music provokes, and transports us outside of ourselves.

Design an out-of-body Swatch

Karijini Bliss by Iwan Isnin captures the spirit of the land in the Karijini National Park located on the traditional lands of the Banyjima, Kurrama, and Innawonga people in Western Australia. “Trekking through the ancient rocky landscape was simply bliss,” he says. Don’t miss Expo’s national celebration of Australia on January 29.

Design a Spirited Swatch

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