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Switzerland | Snowboard Christian "Hitsch" Haller


Christian Haller


October 28, 1989


Zernez (Switzerland)


Christian focuses the laser beam of his attention on one single thing, then pursues it to completion with total, unhesitating commitment. A natural athlete, the Swiss boarder has a purity of focus and the instinct of a bloodhound on the trail of perfection. The young Swiss boarder is focused on his goals and never stops to catch his breath when exploring life along the way.


Christian is at ease in every terrain, and is known to deftly ride any slope,  pipe, or other kind of challenge known to snowboarding. The energetic youth has spent recent years sharpening all-around riding skills such as Halfpipe, Big Air, Rails and a touch of Freeride; he puts these skills and others are on exhibition on the Swatch TTR World Tour and other events around the globe.


An avid surfer, Christian passes his summers in pursuit of the fiercest surf. He also picks guitar as a way to pass the time when traveling between competitions.

About him

By age 14 Spunky Swiss snowboarder Christian “Hitsch” Haller had already collected an impressive 1st at Junior Burton European Open, Livigno and another Gold at the Overall Men's FIS Europa Cup in 2004 and cut a path to a future in the world of snowboarding. The streamlined boarder has since racked up quite a few titles through his freestyling powers: in 2005 he came in first in his age category at the O'Neill SB Jam, Davos and qualified for the rookie session of the Air & Style event in Munich. After firsts at the Junior Slopestyle Contest, the Burton European Open in 2006, and 1st again in 2010 at the New Zealand Open, Haller updated his boarding resume in 2011 with another 1st at Evolution Davos. The provocative, smooth-style young snowboarder has garnered a lot of attention for his persona and his immaculate riding, which lends extra panache to film and television productions, including The Hitscher, produced by Swatch in 2010. He’s since been heard to say that a World Championship in snowboarding is his next personal goal.