Swatch Nines Snow to reach new heights at Schilthorn, Switzerland

Swatch Nines Snow to reach new heights at Schilthorn, Switzerland

18 April 2024

Swatch Nines Snow to reach new heights at Schilthorn, Switzerland

The countdown for Swatch Nines Snow, the biggest snow sports event of the year has begun!

With Swatch as title sponsor, the sixteenth edition of the adrenaline-fueled spectacle, that will take place this April in breathtaking Schilthorn, Switzerland, promises even more jaw-dropping action thanks to a unique course design and a star-studded lineup of skiers and snowboarders.

Course Design

Since 2008, Swatch Nines has been the ultimate playground for world-class athletes to push the boundaries of their sports. In the spirit of camaraderie that defines this unique event and without the pressure of a typical contest, the athletes unleash their creativity, test new tricks and set world records.The event’s courses are designed to be some of the most “rider-friendly” worldwide, offering the ultimate platform for landing new tricks. Fans of the winter edition of Swatch Nines might recall the Perfect Hip jump from 2016 as being one of the most celebrated features in the event’s sixteen-year history.The upcoming snow event revisits this feature to redefine the meaning of “the perfect hip jump”. The result is a colossal 21-meter-high ramp that will provide the perfect canvas for even more record-defying stunts and spine-tingling aerial maneuvers.Given the explosion of women’s talent in skiing and snowboarding, this will also be the first time that female athletes will tackle a hip of such height. Several other unique features will also test the limits of what is possible, but the excitement doesn't end there.Swatch Ice Sphere, a one-of-a-kind igloo-shaped Swatch store, will cater to Swatch fans offering them a curated selection of watches including the Swatch POWER OF NATURE Collection. This will also be the only location where fans of the brand can find SWATCH NINES 2024, the watch designed to celebrate this unique event.

Swatch Proteam athlete lineup

This year, Swatch Nines Snow unites more than 40 of the world’s ski and snowboard Olympic medalists, world champions and X-Games winners. This unique lineup of skiers and snowboarders includes world-class Swatch Proteam athletes.All-star pro skiers Nico Vuignier and Max Moffat as well as snowboarders Brooke O’Dhondt and rising star Kaishu Hirano will be putting their talent to the test on the snow course. Joining them on the course, will be another snowboarding rising star who has already made headlines in the snowboarding world. Stay tuned for the big reveal!Uniting two of the most thrilling action sports disciplines, snow sports and mountain biking, Swatch Proteam athletes Sam Pilgrim and Erik Fedko will be riding the set on their mountain bikes giving us a taste of what is next on the Swatch Nines agenda.A mix of household names and rising stars including Swatch Proteam athletes will be at the event to add an extra dash of fun. The roster includes Swatch Proteam rookie Mila de le Rue, snowboarding superstar Xavier de le Rue and one of the most charismatic freestyle BMXers on the planet, Matthias Dandois.As the snow athletes gear up for another epic snow sport spectacle, anticipation is building for a display of gravity-defying stunts that will leave spectators breathless.Luckily, as with every event, there will be a day open to the public on April 13, 2024, during which event attendees will have a chance to see their favorite athletes and all the action, live.The stage is set for an electrifying and spine-tingling display of skill and creativity against the pristine canvas of the snowy Bernese Alps.Let the Swatch Nines Snow begin!


DATES: April 8 – 14, 2024

LOCATION: Schilthorn – Piz Gloria, Switzerland

PUBLIC DAY: April 13, 2024, access is free with a Schilthorn ski pass


Founded in 2008 as a ski event in Oberstdorf, Germany, Swatch Nines (previously known as Nine Knights, Nine Queens, Nine Royals, Audi Nines and now Swatch Nines) has steadily grown in scope over the past 15 years, adding snowboarding, mountain biking and now surfing to its spectrum of groundbreaking events. With its deep heritage for creating safe yet spectacular action-sports playgrounds that defy expectations and drive progression, Swatch Nines continues to move with the pulse of action sports culture and serve as a friendly antagonist to the world of competitive sports.


Positive provocation and joie de vivre made in Switzerland: since its founding in 1983, Swatch has shaken up the watch industry. Thanks to its striking designs which always reflect the zeitgeist, Swatch is one of the leading watch manufacturers and the most sought-after brands in the world – and has always stayed true to itself. The company surprises again and again, whether it be with regularly released new models or special collections. The revolutionary way in which Swatch thinks and acts has always been evident with its early involvement in action sports, such as BMX, skateboarding and surfing. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai embodies the brand’s love of art and brings together artists from around the world.