Cody Townsend

Swatch Proteam athlete Cody Townsend is focused on “The Fifty"

15 January 2024

Cody Townsend

With season 5, the record-breaking video series is back with Cody still in line to make history.

First launched in 2019, the must-watch ski mountaineering series “The Fifty” is back on screens everywhere with its fifth season.

Millions of viewers tune in every episode to watch legendary alpine skier and Swatch Proteam athlete Cody Townsend as he continues on his mission to climb and ski all 50 classic ski descents in North America.

From Alaska to Colorado, California to Canada, these are among the most difficult descents in the world, and no one has skied them all. Cody is joined on his pioneering adventure by cinematographer Bjarne Salen who also captures the action as it unfolds.

Season 5 sees Cody take on lines like the rarely skied Split Couloir in California to one of the most beautiful ski lines in the world, the Polar Star in Baffin Island, Canada. He and Bjarne push themselves to the limits all while navigating through arctic blizzards, rapidly changing mountain weather and limitless adventure.

Cody is one of the world’s most notable alpine skiers whose stellar career saw him win both awards and fans with his daring displays on the slopes. His superstar skills have since seen him star in countless ski movies and even act as a stunt double in Hollywood movies.

50 is an important number for Cody. The first four seasons of his hit series “The Fifty” have helped him reach over 50 million views on YouTube, propelling him into the record books as one of the most viewed snow sports athletes in history.

Freedom, fun and adventure are some of the many things that make both Swatch and Cody tick. Swatch is staying true to its own pioneering DNA by supporting Cody in his epic exploration.

All previous seasons of “The Fifty” are now available to watch on YouTube with a new episode from Season 5 released every three weeks.