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Swatch X Pigcasso


Pigs can’t fly, but Pigcasso can definitely paint. Since 2016, Pigcasso has been working with child-friendly, non-toxic paint to create works of art that surprise and amaze as much as the 450-pounds of talent that run through her pink chubbiness.

Heavy on contemporary art, our pig pal is making other mammals from all over the world oink with delight and this year will be no exception.

What? It’s just a Swatch painted by a pig. No pig deal.


The Swatch Art Special features a white strap with bold strokes of grass-green paint mixed with blue splashes, giving space for the pink dial to take the vibrant lead.

Each watch comes with a duplicate of one of Pigcasso’s artworks and the certificate of authenticity.

Pigs are known to be great escape artists, so grab your limited and numbered FLYING PIG BY MS. PIGCASSO before it flees.