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IAMECO Warrior

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IAMECO Movement

IAMECO Warrior focus on building a community to raise awareness at the intersection of sustainability, innovation and design.

The IAMECO movement is supported by a growing group of global figures, the “ecoWarriors, whose extraordinary visions and accomplishments address the worldwide environmental crisis in innovative, groundbreaking and pioneering ways.

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IAMECO Warrior

Xavier De Le Rue

See the video about Xavier’s engagement with the IAMECO movement— how it connects with his sport, and ultimately, his way of life.

IAMECO Warrior

Courtney Conlogue

Courtney Conlogue about the IAMECO movement.

IAMECO Warrior

Jeremy Jones

In the last episode see Jeremy Jones' involvement in the IAMECO movement.

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About the author

Roger Moenks

Entrepreneur, award winning photographer, author and visionary, Roger Moenks is internationally renowned and best known for his creative artistry that is current yet timeless. He has been a pioneer in the sustainability movement, bringing environmental issues to the forefront of pop culture since 2009, when he embarked on a worldwide journey to create the I Am Eco Warrior book and movement. He has previously published three books: The First Class of CLICK; Moving Still; and Inheriting Beauty, featuring 90 women from around the world at the forefront of society and industry.

Moenks’ work has appeared in such magazines as L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Interview, Visionaire, and Flaunt. He has directed music videos for Blank & Jones, commercials for Van Cleef & Arpels and Moët & Chandon, and created the documentary Shooting Milk, featuring survivors of the Andy Warhol era and including never-before-seen footage of the artist himself. In the past several years Moenks has dedicated much of his time to socially conscious causes. He produced all the images in IAEW book and conceived of the project.