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Straight from the palette of classic chic luscious silks, soft cashmeres, timeless wools. The all over color shade comes to life in different ways according to the surface treatment. From the anodamazing background to the brighter or deeper matt color blocks applied on top, to the shiny reflective dial, with clean and sharp functional details. Impossible to choose only one, impossible to resist, impossibly sexy. CYBERALDA, RUBERALDA AND BLACKERALDAA fancy night out means the right outfit, the sleekest shoes and…a brand new Swatch to pull the whole look together. The motto is “dress to impress”! No need for sparkly jewellery or shiny bling on the wrist: Swatch introduces three new gems – CYBERALDA, RUBERALDA and BLACKERALDA – which are as fashionableas they are precious. These watches are the perfect accessories with their subtle play on textures. Metallic shades of intense green, deep red or tuxedo black contrast with their matte counterparts for a classy look to match the 70’stailored suits seen on the podiums this season. Out with rubies, emeralds and black tourmalines! In with Swatch! What better way to shine bright while enjoying every second of the night?!

  • Mechanizm
  • Wodoszczelność
    3 Bar
  • Pasek
  • Zapięcie
    Tworzywo sztuczne
  • Rodzaj zapięcia
  • Koperta
    Tworzywo sztuczne
  • Opakowanie
  • Color
  • Kolor paska
  • Kolor tarczy
  • Kolor koperty
  • Kształt koperty
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