Swatch x You - Expo 2020 Dubai

The colorful Genesis by Sebastián González Paul is inspired by the Mapuches, a native people in Chile that is being reborn as a new nation. “In order to be born, it is essential to connect with earth and the ancestors to create stronger and more durable roots,” Sebastian explains. Don’t miss the national celebration day of Chile at the Expo - December 3rd. 

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On December 4, the Expo's national celebration day for Russia, we celebrate Andrew Levinsky’s Ogorod, which tells a story of Russian countryside farms. The ogorods life was tough and full of hard agricultural work - a traditional way of life that gave many generations a strong sense of independence and freedom.

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Holy tiger! On December 5 we celebrate Thailand's national day. The canvas titled Sacred Tattoo by Paramita Chatkoon is a fine example of Thai yantras - Thailand’s traditional beliefs that are still around. These sacred tattoos or patterns symbolise, for instance, luck, charm, success or safety. 

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When Iwona Castiello d’Antonio thinks of Poland she thinks of returning home to a place of beauty. Her canvas Simplest Thing depicts clean air, birds singing just before sunrise, and a generous mother nature giving abundant harvests. Celebrate Poland's national day at Expo 2020 Dubai on December 7. 

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The Lion of Babylon! The Ishtar gate! The Malwiya Minaret! These are three of Iraq's most significant cultural icons, and they are present on the Mesopotamia artistic work by Iraqi artist Noorhan. Celebrate Iraq's special day at the World Expo on December 10 by reminiscing on these places linked with global history.

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Kawaii! Ouma's pop-colored Japanese Scenery is awash with Kawaii – the pop culture expression for cuteness found in Japanese fashion, anime, art and music. Ouma's work also includes a nod to Manga through its square boxes, and will be highlighted on December 11, the national celebration day of Japan at Expo 2020.

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A circle and a square and the heart of a city by photographer Jann Lipka uses distorted fisheye photography to show Sergel’s Torg, a triangle-patterned square in the city centre of Stockholm. Let's go graphic on December 15, Sweden's special day at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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Ogossagou, a once culturally rich village in the centre of Mali is known for its serene beauty - and the recent, sad transformation into a conflict-torn zone. A remaining beacon of hope are the dancers of the Dogon culture pictured in Daouda Traore’s canvas Ogossagou. Remember Mali on December 17, the country's day at the World Expo.

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On December 18, the national celebration day of Bosnia-Herzegovina at the Expo, we focus on Tarik Arnautovic's Rivers And Valleys. These majestically rolling hills and breath-taking rivers form a one of a kind landscape that shapes the unique cultures in the area.  

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Upcycling! On December 21, Togo's day at the Expo, we look closer at Tesprit's Gamésou - It's Time. This artwork is the result of an ecologically committed artistic approach using discarded sandals recovered from rubbish dumps. These are sculpted into storytelling works of art celebrating perseverance and ambition among children living in the streets. 

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Stay tuned for more designs!

Stay tuned for more designs!

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